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Manchester United fans flew a plane over Old Trafford during David Moyes' tenure reading 'wrong one - Moyes out'. Reine-Adelaide mentored by Henry Reine-Adelaide is being coached by an Arsenal legend (Photo: Rex Features) Thierry Henry may no longer be coaching at Arsenal but he is still mentoring one of their young stars, writes Mirror Football's Hamish Mackay. Jeff Reine-Adelaide idolised Arsenal and France's record goal scorer growing up and got the chance to train under him when physician home construction loan Oak Laurel he moved to north London. Henry has since left his role with the club;s under-19 side to become assistant manager of the Belgian national team but has kept in touch with the young midfielder. They are straightforward, always ready to chat with us and have a laugh. They spend a lot of time with the young players, talking things through and giving advice. Away from the pitch, Ive gone out for a meal with Thierry Henry two or three times and he is a really great guy. He has always been very supportive to me and I am grateful to him for that." Bournemouth reveal how Wilshere has stayed fit Wilshere has been able to stay fit for Bournemouth this season (Photo: PA) The head of Bournemouth's medical team has revealed how they have kept loan star Jack Wilshere fit this season. Wilshere has suffered a succession of serious injuries since the summer of 2011 and missed almost the whole of 2015/16 with a hairline crack in his fibula.